The American Hip Institute


I am proud to be faculty at  the American Hip Institute directed by my teacher and mentor Dr. Benjamin Domb from Chicago.

The American Hip Institute ® is a non-profit foundation dedicated to education, research and cutting-edge minimally-invasive treatment for patients with hip pain.

Cutting-Edge Treatment Options 

Through efforts in research and education, tremendous advances recently have been made in the field of Hip Preservation and Restoration. New surgical techniques, which have resulted from these advances, include: hip arthroscopy, osteotomy, hip resurfacing, minimally-invasive hip replacement and robotic surgery, as well as nonsurgical treatment options. These and other advances can allow patients to quickly return to sports, work and an active lifestyle.


The American Hip Institute ® website is an educational tool for patients, surgeons and health care professionals. The Institute, as a foundation, also is devoted to training surgeons as future leaders through the Institute’s Comprehensive Hip Fellowship, the annual Chicago Hip Symposium and educational materials for surgeons.

Research and Innovation

Another primary goal of the American Hip Institute ® is the advancement of the field of Hip Preservation and Restoration. This includes the development of cutting-edge surgical techniques and nonsurgical treatments. Through extensive clinical and biomechanical research, our nationally-renowned surgeons and scientists have created new surgical procedures and published multiple studies establishing their effectiveness.


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